What is a EPA’s book?

The Entrustable Professional Activities book is a structured training book that represents the interns’ skill accomplishment. The EPA’s are the intern’s guide to achieve competence, it assets and recognize gaps in order to address them. The EPA’s book also acts as part of the summative assessment process for the trainees.

When should I send my inquiries or requests regarding a rotation?

All inquiries are cared for, please note that requests which impacts your future rotations should be sent before the period mentioned in the updated Medical Internship Guide.

What to do if I face an emergency during the rotation?

Please make sure to notify your department superiors and send us an email of your emergency. MIU Email [Miu-com-r@ksau-hs.edu.sa].

Can I request for a leave?

You can request for a leave electronically. Please refer to the updated Medical Internship Guide for when and how you can request for a leave.

Can I request for department that I took previously?

You may repeat a rotation under the elective month. The intern must cover all mandatory rotations, such as the general department rotation and a subspecialty under each general department.

Can I request for a rotation change?

You can request for a department change, the request approval processes consider the following:
- The submission time and
- The seat availability.
Please refer to the updated Medical Internship Guide for when and how you can request for a rotation change

What are the evaluation forms in my internship program?

- The Entrustable Professional Activities book - EPA’s book
- The Clinical Evaluation Exercises Form - Mini CEX
- The Case Based Discussion Form – CBD.
- The Competency Form

Interns from Guest Universities

How can I register for the KSAU internship program?

An electronic registration form will be available for all Saudi Medical interns. The registration announcement will be available through the medical internship website, please revisit [link here] for updates

How will I be updated regarding my inquiries?

You can email us through Miu-com-r@ksau-hs.edu.sa

How and when can I request for a rotation?

All rotation request are received through the Medical Internship Management System. The system will notify you regarding your request status.

From which universities does the KSAU accepting interns?

We accept Saudi interns from Saudi universities including Saudi private universities.

What are the forms should I submit after I receive my acceptance?

- The University Letter of Request.
- The Intern’s Information Form.
- The Medical Checklist Form.

How many rotations can I request in the NGHA?

The intern from Saudi universities are allowed to take two rotations maximum

When can I receive my Badge and my BestCare access?

You will receive your Badge & BestCare account on your first day of your rotation.

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